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Decluttering By Faith: 20 Q & A

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In our previous article, we recommended a series of books on minimalism. What I bring to you today is a recommendation for just one book, Decluttering By Faith, which also means that I will write more detail and more specific. I will take advantage of the knowledge I have learned from the book in the form of Q&A to answer your questions!

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Book Introduction:

Faith Decluttering is a 12-week devotional exploring what the Bible says about all our belongings. Through this lens, we are able to look at our material possessions more critically and realize that they do not add to the peace or security we seek.


Who is this book suitable for?

This devotional is designed for those who feel overwhelmed by clutter. Whether you’re a young mom, an empty nester, or someone who lives alone, we all encounter clutter! Often when we try to organize and simplify, we are faced with regret and guilt, making it difficult to do so. Through daily scriptures and stories, we will grace one another and invite God to be a part of the process of organizing our home.


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What does Jesus say about clutter?

One of the verses they love to quote is Matthew 6:19: “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal” (NIV).

Decluttering By Faith, is feasible and formal.


Opportunities for decluttering

For me personally, the opportunity for my separation was a long journey. I once spent an entire summer vacation abroad with just one suitcase of luggage. I’m not stuck in one place, so I try to keep my luggage to a minimum and keep only the most useful things.

When I returned to my home a month later and looked at my room, I realized that I had so many things. Some of these things, I don’t even remember I own them!

The fact that I could live with very few possessions woke me up.




Way of Decluttering 

  1. Gather everything together. You can also start with a small space, such as a bedside table or sideboard.
  2. Take out another item after using it. Relocate items and place frequently used items where they are most convenient.
  3. After doing this for a week, you will find that items are divided into three categories: frequently used, infrequently used, and not used at all.
  4. Target unused items. Recombine and do not put it back in place. Think carefully: How long have you not used it? What’s the point of keeping it? Can it be used in the near future?


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Why is decluttering so powerful?

It’s a journey to simplify your life, reduce stress and clutter, and free up physical and mental space. The benefits of decluttering are many, from improved organization and productivity, to a more harmonious living environment and an enhanced sense of well-being.


Is there any way to declutter that you don’t know?

When a rich man asked Jesus what he should do to attain eternal life, the Son of God replied: “Go, sell what you have, and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me” (Mark 10:21).

We can practice the virtue of charity by providing help to those in need. If you are a buyer, it is not difficult to find that your clothes, accessories, books, etc. may not be “shabby”. Although you may not need them anymore, they may be useful things to others. At this time , you can completely donate these things, accomplishing two things at the same time: not only clearing yourself of distracting thoughts, but also helping others.

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How to declutter books?

Organizing books is usually a difficult task. After all, many people have underlines and notes in their books, and they have their own experiences when reading the book. Books generally carry people’s emotions, maybe this is a gift from a cherished friend? Or maybe you and your family were moved by one of the stories in this book?

But, think about it carefully, will you really open this book again?

We always need new books and new knowledge, and you will always have new experiences. In order to move on to a new life, you have to move forward.

What’s more, as we said before, you can donate this book or exchange it with others to make the meaning of this book even more valuable. Imagine your book being circulated in the hands of more people, and more and more notes and insights are accumulated in the book, how wonderful that would be!


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How to declutter the Bible?

I almost wrote the previous question just for this question. In fact, every home in America has more than three Bibles, and probably each of us has more than one.

Like above, there are many places you can donate Bibles so that someone can use them. You can contact your church, hospital, prison, or homeless shelter, etc. Any place that is willing to help others will be more than happy to receive your Bible donation. No one will think that you have betrayed your faith or disrespected the Bible. Instead, they will think that you are generous and have good character.


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What’s the difference between decluttering and organizing?

First of all, the biggest difference between decluttering and general organizing and storage techniques is that decluttering does not necessarily aim to clean the room, but to understand and like the true self through the process of tidying up, and to achieve self-affirmation.

All in all, decluttering does not require that the room be tidy and spotless; or even if it is, it will have additional benefits.

Secondly, the protagonist of decluttering is not the object, but oneself. What is considered is whether “I” still need it. The idea of “it would be a pity to throw it away, but it is better to keep it” is to make the object the protagonist.

General organizing and storage techniques always focus on how to store items, while decluttering is based on the premise of continuous circulation and metabolism, so that the living space will always maintain a state of change and circulation. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to buy new storage tools and organize things into categories, but it does mean that you need to reduce items or even get rid of all the storage tools in the first place. In fact, as long as you understand the mechanism of decluttering, you don’t need to learn storage skills. As long as you always ask yourself “Does this thing still have a relationship with me?” and continue to filter items, that’s it.

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