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9 Excellent Declutter Game 2023: Help Your Minimalist Life (Part2)

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Declutter Game 5: Color Game

This game is a bit like bingo in that it is a turn-based game. The whole point of the game is still to declutter your things, but based on color!

The first thing you have to do is choose a color, then collect all the items you own that contain that color, and finally decide among those items which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to throw away or donate. You and the other game participants can decide whether to end the game with one color, three, or an entire rainbow of colors. We recommend that you start with the rarer colors first. If the amount of work at the beginning is too large, it may affect your enthusiasm and reduce fun of the game.

If you are a parent, you can definitely play this game with your children. Because, for children, searching for items of a color will be very interesting, and it can exercise the child’s decluttering ability and help him/her realize whether the things he/she owns are useful.

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Declutter Game 6: Exchange Arrangement

As for this game, I especially recommend you: play it with a partner or a friend.

The rules are as follows: Each person chooses ten items of the other person’s, choosing what you think you can take away from him. Doesn’t it sound like you’re picking out gifts from the other person?

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When you’ve made your choice, look at what the other person picked up: if you think it’s something you can’t let go of, take it out again. Continue this way until you can get rid of ten items.

Unlike directly donating or discarding, if you feel that this choice is not necessary for you, you can even directly choose for the other party, or exchange ten items after direct discussion. The difference from exchanging gifts is that you can reprocess the items you receive: throw them away or donate them, both are OK.

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Declutter Game 7: Buy One, Throw Two

This can be a solo game, or you can turn this principle into a long-term habit.

For myself, I generally maintain a “buy one, throw one away” strategy. Because what I currently have is the most basic, just enough to meet my basic needs. This also means that if I buy something new, it is an upgrade or replacement for something I already own. And if the thing I need to buy cannot be replaced among my existing things, I need to think again: Do I really need this thing? Will this thing be beneficial to my life? Will this thing become a waste in a month?

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The game of buying one and throwing two has upgraded my habit of buying one and throwing one away. This is also to enhance your understanding of the relationship between items and you. In the same way, if there is an item that you still want to own even if you throw away two things, this inversely illustrates the importance of this item to you. Then just buy it!

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Declutter Game 8: Matching Game

This game is very simple, you can compete with your friends or family, or you can complete the task alone.

Now, grab anything from your room, if you can’t find another item that matches it, throw it or donate it.

As for matching principal, for example, for electronics, a mouse goes with a computer, for your wardrobe, a hat must match a piece of clothing that suits it…

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The logic of this game is similar to the previous one: if the item you own has no matching items in your room, its functionality and practicality need to be questioned.

For example, if a single item (hat, scarf, or even shoes) in the wardrobe does not match all the other clothes, then no matter how beautiful the item is, it is useless because you have no chance to wear it.

Complementary to the previous game, if you have an item that completely duplicates the function of another item, then it should also be discarded.

By playing matching games, you can rethink the connections between the items you own and their functions, simplifying your space in a relatively funny way. I believe that after one game, your room will definitely become tidier and cleaner, as well as your mind!

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Declutter Game 9: Three Boxes

Keep, Donate, Throw Away

When you are playing any game above, you will definitely face this multiple-choice question: how do you deal with this thing? You decide to keep it, donate it, or just throw it away? Since this question is so important, well, of course this question itself can be a brand-new game!

First of all, set up three boxes in a conspicuous place in your home, labeled them clearly as: “Keep”, “Donate” and “Throw away”. In this way, the functionality of the three boxes is clearly distinguished.

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Then start the game: you can compete with your gaming partners (friends, family, roommates) to see who can fill all three boxes first. The quicker, the winner. Through this friendly competition, you can quickly decide your things and recognize the clutter of your belongings.

If you are a parent, then this game can be a great task to give to your child. You can set a limited time, like 30 minutes or 1 hour, so that your children can quickly classify the items in the room within the limited time. This can help your child develop the good habit of decluttering from an early age and being trained to make quick decisions.

Warm reminder: don’t forget to sort your garbage~



In fact, I learned that there are more declutter board games for sale, and they all look interesting. However, I kind of doubt that the final destination of this board game would be new clutter, so I think I’m not going to buy any tools to help me do the declutter.

All the nine games I recommend in this collection can all be played directly, without any tools to purchase.

PS: If you want to see our previous article, please click: 9 Excellent Declutter Game 2023: Help Your Minimalist Life (Part1)

I wish you a smooth completion of your declutter journey in the game.

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