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Find 2023 Declutter Challenge Here! – Less is More

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The declutter challenge is a voluntary challenge that everyone has taken to declutter things in recent years. The general concept is to organize items in the form of challenges.

In recent years, various declutter challenges have appeared on the Internet. Today we will take stock of some of the hottest declutter challenges in 2023! As you all know, we have reviewed declutter games before, and everyone is welcome to take a look.

Since declutter challenges are quite popular on various platforms, many people participate spontaneously. Therefore, this kind of challenge allows participants to discuss, encourage and support each other. Moreover, they can exchange unnecessary items, this is a perfect activity that serves multiple purposes!


2023 declutter challenge


Different Types Of Declutter Challenge

Next, we will introduce some of the recent popular declutter challenges one by one. You can follow my introduction to do the challenge directly ~


Four Week Declutter Challenge

Four weeks, a month, 30 days, whatever you call it.

This one is probably the most popular declutter challenge. Countless bloggers and YouTubers upload their 30 days declutter challenge experiences, share their stories and experiences, and provide everyone with suggestions on decluttering lives and creating a better life.

This type of challenge usually only has time limit changes. The reason why I only introduce the 30-day level is because I think this is the most appropriate one.


2023 declutter challenge


The 90-day battle is too long and you may feel bored, and the 7-day declutter challenge seems too hasty.

If you get tired of organizing your stuff because it takes so long, you’re doing more harm than good. Or maybe you feel anxious because time is too short? How can that work? The ultimate goal of our declutter rooms is to gain inner peace by organizing things. If you feel irritable instead, isn’t that putting the cart before the horse?

Therefore, 30 days is the best.


how to organize your home in 30 days


The formal content of the challenge varies depending on the publisher. Some challenges are very fancy and have different tasks every day. These challenges are usually issued by certain websites or famous minimalists, which can keep you fresh every day, but the disadvantage is that you have to spend a lot of time doing this every day. on a challenge.

For friends who are impatient like me, I recommend activities that publish everything at a glance from the beginning. For example, throw one thing every day, or throw one more thing every day as the number of days increases: throw the same thing on the first day, throw 2 things on the second day, and so on… I personally recommend the latter, after all, 30 Throwing something away every day can’t be called a “challenge”.

If it’s a 30-day challenge where you throw away one more item per day, then on the last day you will throw away 30 items, for a total of 465 items – sounds like a lot, right?


20 Bags Decluttering Challenge

As the name suggests, this challenge requires you to throw away 20 Bags within a limited time. Like the previous challenge, the number of bags here is actually adjustable, depending on your needs.

For this challenge, I recommend you do a short-term challenge, such as 7 days, 3 days, or even one day.


how to declutter 30 years of stuff


You can put a few boxes on the open space in the room first, classify or not. Classification can help you sort out what needs to be thrown away and what needs to be donated, and you can even separate what needs to be exchanged and what needs to be resold.

Since this method is very intuitive, your inner satisfaction will gradually increase as the box fills up (even though it is all items that require decluttering). The whole organizing process can bring you a sense of healing, which reaches its peak with the final act of sealing the boxes.

Those boxes that are taken out are like your old life, and what follows is your new life, so look forward to it!




In addition to the subsequent ownership of items, we recommend dividing them into several boxes based on the area in which the item is located or its attribute category. The following is a reference to the categories you may use: bedroom, wardrobe, dresser, toys and games, garage, study, pantry, kitchen, medicine, luggage, refrigerator, bathroom, attic, dining room, electronic products, etc.

You can make a new list based on suggestions or your own ideas.


4 Questions To Help You Declutter Your Room

You can ask yourself these questions to help you decide whether to declutter an item:

  1. Have you used it within the past year?

If not, throw it away!

  1. Can it still be used normally?

In fact, I once found 3 broken headphones in a drawer and God knows why I didn’t throw them away!

  1. Do you own this item repeatedly?

Again, I have 3 broken headphones…

  1. Will you use it in the next year?

Don’t lie to yourself and think objectively.


declutter challenge


Some suggestions that may be useful

  1. Start by now

Don’t overestimate your perseverance and freshness. If you want to do it now, do it now! Taking advantage of your freshness and enthusiasm can help you get twice the result with half the effort! When you are enthusiastic about this challenge, you can first over-complete some tasks, such as completing 3 or even 5 days of tasks in one day. This is also to prevent you from not wanting to complete it in the last few days or being delayed by other things. challenge.


decluttering tips


  1. Priority exchange

I said at the beginning that many people are doing this challenge. You can definitely find online groups or challenge with friends. Maybe something someone else doesn’t want is useful to you, and something you just bought that you no longer want is just right for another person! This method is not only environmentally friendly, but also helps you make new friends. What a wonderful experience it is to connect interpersonal relationships through the circulation of objects!

  1. Set up a reward mechanism

Give yourself some rewards! You can set rewards for yourself. You can reward yourself when you complete 50% or 100% of the task. It can be a trip, it can be something you have always wanted, or you can motivate yourself to do something you usually dare not do.


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