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8 Spiritual Benefits Of Decluttering

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No matter how orderly we usually are, we are reluctant to throw away items that we no longer need or use, or stuff various clutter into already full drawers, or place piles of books and magazines throughout the home. , letters and other items accumulated over time.

While these things may not seem too important, a study conducted by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute shows that seeing all this clutter in our living spaces can cause us to become distracted.

That’s why simple decluttering – the act of tidying, organizing and removing unnecessary items from your home – has become increasingly popular in recent years.

We’ve talked about decluttering book, about decluttering methods, and decluttering dumpster, so what’s the point about cleaning up clutter? What is the benefit of it exactly?

spiritual benefits of decluttering


Productive Entry Point

“In these times, you don’t expect to be at full capacity,” Dr. Boyes explains. “But you also don’t expect to be at zero capacity. You need to find some kind of balance.

“So, we need more mental downtime, but we also need to do something productive. I think disconnection can be kind of an entry point; it’s something you can do, and maybe in the meantime, you can think I just want to do something productive.”

Obviously, clearing clutter is something that you can directly see the results, and can give you the most intuitive feedback: a completely different room before and after cleaning is the best result.

spiritual benefits of decluttering


Create a new starting point

If you need a fresh start, breaking up is often a very useful way, just like in a relationship. Sometimes we struggle with making decisions, but we find it’s easiest to make them when we’re at a new beginning – like on a Monday, or on New Year’s Day, or moving to a new apartment, or moving to a new place, or being with someone new.

When you declutter, even if it’s a small job, even if it’s just cleaning out the refrigerator, it makes the decision much clearer because it gives you a new starting point.

——Alice Boyes

I believe that many people will make New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the new year, or seriously think about what they will do in the new week. People are always full of prospects for the future at this time point that represents a new beginning. This is a new kind of A sense of ritual.

In this case, why not create a new time node yourself? Why not create a new starting point yourself?

cleaning up clutter


Rejuvenate yourself

If you find that you have completely lost your vitality, cleaning up clutter can also help you regain your vitality. This is especially true for athletes who are out of season or on the road, where you may feel a loss of motivation and energy. But cleaning up clutter is something you can do, and it doesn’t require a lot of preparation.

You can easily just say, “OK, I’m going to time a 10-minute timer and tidy up the house.” Sometimes just doing this can give you enough energy to move on to the next thing you need to do. This is a great way to motivate yourself when you’re feeling low on energy.

clearing clutter means that you


Bring A Sense Of Accomplishment

If an important task is delayed, sometimes it really feels like there is no way to get started. Decluttering is something you can do that doesn’t require complex mental construction. You can do it ‘without thinking’, but it also gives you a sense of accomplishment that you’ve accomplished something, and sometimes that motivation is all you need.

This point is somewhat similar to the first point. Decluttering can bring you a direct sense of accomplishment and give you a sense of psychological satisfaction that “at least I have accomplished one thing.” This feeling of satisfaction is not a false self-delusion, because the tidied room is real, the comfort you feel from a tidy room is real, and the relief you get from throwing things away is real.

clearing clutter means that you


Take back control

Obviously in this fast-paced era, we always feel that we often lose control of something. It seems that everything has changed. It is not as simple as being able to eat candy when you cry when you were a child.

However, decluttering gives you more control over things. When people really lose control, our lives will unknowingly become a mess. It shows that sleep is disrupted, then eating is disrupted, and then the house becomes a mess.

And decluttering happens to be an action of re-arranging disordered things into order. Starting from tidying up the room, starting from cleaning up clutter, the order of your life will gradually become orderly from the neatness of small objects. decluttering can help organize your life and mood, and can help you break the general cycle of letting everything in your life spin out of control.

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Get moving

Cleaning up clutter also requires a bit of physical strength. It’s not like exercise, but it does get you up and moving your muscles, so it gets you into a state of mind that’s action-packed and out of that sluggish, stay-at-home state.

You know what? It is said that doing moderate-intensity housework for 30 minutes a day, five days a week, is enough exercise to stay healthy. Cleaning the house is a moderate-intensity exercise and can consume 120-170 kcal in one hour!

Come and get fit!

clearing clutter


Understand your relationship with objects

Through clearing clutter, you can realize the relationship between you and the items you own. When did you own this item? What is the purpose of this item? Do you still need this item? Does this item bring and will continue to bring you joy?

After clarifying these questions, you can have a new, unprecedented and clear understanding of what you own, and thus regain a new sense of control over your belongings and your life.

This is why we say that decluttering is an action technique for understanding oneself through organizing items, sorting out inner chaos, and making life comfortable.

cleaning up clutter


The Most Advanced Emotional Decluttering Technique

The spiritual root of clutter is worry, clutter, and indecision, especially for those who are shopaholics. We are not saying that there is anything wrong with buying things per se, but that there is something wrong with the approach of those whose minds have been filled with objects to the point of chaos.

If an item can only cause you constant troubles, occupy your life and mental space, make you hesitant and distrust your own judgment, over time, it will also affect the way people deal with things.

Decluttering is not only a decluttering technique, but also a healthy lifestyle, a unique way of thinking, and an inner practice. It uses “combing” as the channel to achieve the goal of changing destiny and improving oneself in an upward spiral.

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