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Declutter Makeup: What Makeup You Need In 2023

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Makeups have alwaysbeen a favorite of us girls (of course many boys now also wear makeup). Makeup advertisements are everywhere, and cosmetics recommendations can be seen everywhere. This bulk of consumption will obviously gradually become a clutter due to everyone’s love and hoarding, and become a gathering of dust in the corner. So today we are going to tell you how to declutter makeup.

We have talked about how to declutter toys and how to declutter pictures before. Friends who are interested can check it out.

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Makeups you may need:

I only have four makeups items now, isolation + eyebrow pencil + loose powder + lipstick.

Usually when I go to work, I don’t put on lipstick, I just put on foundation and draw eyebrows before going out. Because I keep exercising and try not to stay up late, my skin looks okay, which may have something to do with the fact that I don’t wear makeup all year round.

Although I don’t wear much makeup, I still have to do good skin care. But my skin care is also a simplified version: cleansing + water + essence + cream. I don’t use facial masks, or other messy skin care items, and I don’t use facial cleansers, facial care devices, facial steamers, etc. My current philosophy is that you can buy skin care products when they are more expensive, especially essences and creams, and you can streamline them elsewhere, but you can’t skimp on important areas.

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What makeup to declutter?

Below I introduce to you some declutter makeup based on my experience that you can use as a reference.

Lotion Set

Especially for areas with a relatively humid climate. If you have dry skin and have anti-aging needs, then the toner and lotion set actually feels more formal than meaningful. Anti-aging serums, moisturizers tend to be oils and creams.

I researched a lot of “toners” and finally found that they only have one function: to remove makeup. That’s right, it has the same function as makeup remover. I searched all the drugstore shelves but could not find a bottle of water designed to be used after cleansing and before lotion. After that, lotion becomes even more useless.

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Base cream, BB cream, makeup primer

The main function of these things is to create a clear makeup look without causing too much burden on the skin. But I prefer to invest in good sunscreen, foundation, and setting spray.

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Various instruments

I was not immune to the marketing trend of beauty equipment before. I had four or five equipment with various functions at hand, including the so-called microcurrent anti-edema gadget that was later proven to be an IQ tax. I was decluttered and tried medical treatment. After the beauty treatment, I found that the role of the instrument can only be said to be better than nothing. Now I only have one radio frequency instrument on hand, which serves as an auxiliary to the medical beauty and anti-aging project.

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Makeup Brush

Makeup brushes of various shapes and materials. To be honest, my makeup skills are not good enough to use slightly different makeup brushes to create different makeup effects. Sometimes I use the same makeup brush for contouring, blush and even highlighter. Here I recommend a small tool makeup brush sponge cleaning box so that the colors will not mix. As for the eye shadow brush, one or two animal hair eye shadow brushes are enough. Finally, add a loose powder brush, because the loose powder brush requires a larger brush. Three or four brushes will be enough.


Various Sprays

I have used a lot of sprays with various functions before, such as those for moisturizing, cleansing, makeup setting, primer, etc. After using them, I found that they are very useless. In the end, I only leave the makeup setting spray. I spray it on before going out to moisturize and set my makeup. As a spray, I do my duty.

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Lipstick Lip Glaze

A cosmetic product that is most likely to be recommended and purchased by advertisements. Because I am often confused by different colors, I have bought many popular colors, but in fact, I only use two or three lipsticks.


Makeup Declutter Steps

If you still don’t know how to declutter makeup, then you can follow the three steps we will list for you to perform makeup declutter.

Elementary level: expired cosmetics.

We all know rationally that expired cosmetics cannot be used again, but when we encounter some very expensive ones, we feel reluctant to part with them. (I can totally understand, really) At this time, you need to think further. Even if cosmetics are expensive, they are not as expensive as your own body. Imagine that expired lipstick will enter your stomach, and expired eye shadow may cause eye diseases. Applying expensive skin care products to maintain your skin while applying expired cosmetics to damage your skin is not worth the gain, isn’t it?

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Intermediate stage: cosmetics that are not suitable for you

How to define unsuitable? For example, a foundation in the wrong color, a lipstick in a color that is no longer popular, or a lipstick or gloss that makes your face look even worse. In this category, it is recommended to first consult with friends around you who also do makeup. They may accept it, so that it will not be wasted. If you can’t send it out, you still need to declutter it or replace it. Imagine that the purpose of applying makeup is to look beautiful, but if it makes you look uglier after using it, you are putting the cart before the horse.

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Advanced stage: not throw away, but break

What does that mean? This is actually the final stage of declutter, which is not buying. Address the entire problem at its root.

Don’t buy cosmetics you don’t need. Re-evaluate whether you need a complete set of cosmetics based on your own usage habits. Taking myself as an example, due to the shape of my face, I find that I rarely use blush, and instead use shadow powder more often, so I don’t buy any more after the blush expires, and I can save the money for the blush, which is more comfortable.

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In the past, I bought a lot of makeups that I never used at all, but in fact, they are only useful for cleaning, moisturizing, and sun protection based on genetics. It would be better if I pay more attention to diet, sleep, and exercise. People who can enjoy a decluttering life must have been once materially rich. When you have seen everything, you will be able to identify what is good. If you are a good makeup declutter, you will know what makeup you need.

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