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75 Things to Throw Away Today (Part.3)

75 Things to Throw Away Today (Part.3) post thumbnail image

We have prepared a very comprehensive decluttering list for you and compiled 75 things to throw away today! Come and see it!



  1. Things in the refrigerator

You know exactly what I’m talking about. You can’t leave things here, throw them in the trash, use a shopping bag as gloves if necessary.

Throw away expired ingredients in the refrigerator promptly. Suggestion: Don’t just throw plastic bags in the refrigerator. It takes up space and easily affects the taste of food.


  1. Healthy food that’s hard to swallow

In the end, it will just be put out of date. It is better to throw it away now than to throw it away in the future, and you can also clear the space to store other things. By the way, no matter what, you still have to choose health food that you can eat. If you feel like vomiting when you smell it, don’t embarrass yourself.

75 things to throw away today

  1. Food that has been sitting out for a long time

I would venture to speculate that you must be hoarding it because you find it tastes terrible and don’t like it, so you keep stocking it? You can throw it away! But if it is because you are reluctant to eat it, every extra second it is left will cause it to lose a second of freshness. Please enjoy the beauty of the food when it is at its freshest as soon as possible.


  1. Expired food

It’s too scary, don’t have any more unnecessary attachment.


  1. Seasoning

If you frequently order takeout, you may have unintentionally accumulated a pile of small-portioned seasoning packets at home. If you already have large bottles of seasoning at home, you won’t be using these packets of seasoning at all. If you don’t have big bottles of seasonings at home, chances are you won’t cook at all, and you won’t use them either.


  1. Tea bags, brewing bags

You won’t go clubbing again? I believe some of it has become caked or moldy. If it’s tea bags you like, then you simply won’t leave them alone. Since you don’t like it at all, don’t force yourself.

things to throw away

  1. Expired, unknown medicine

It’s too scary, don’t stay! Why bother taking your own health for granted.

No, you don’t need those ibuprofen “just in case,” they expire in 2020. And you shouldn’t just throw them in the trash either.




  1. Toothbrush

Well, after many popular sciences, I believe that “toothbrushes need to be replaced every three months” is no longer a piece of cold knowledge.

However, based on my personal experience, when the bristles of your toothbrush start to become rough, you can consider replacing it.

Remember, don’t think that your old toothbrush can turn itself as a magical cleaning tool! The common case is when you replace another toothbrush, you won’t be using the one that replaced three months ago!

Toothbrush declutter

  1. Dishwashing sponge

This is also a kitchen item that needs to be replaced in time!

Perhaps many people may not notice this, but dish sponges are actually the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Not only do you need to clean it frequently, but it’s best to replace it every few weeks.

If you don’t know how to clean a sponge, well the only way is using the bleach.

things you throw away

  1. Water filter

Kettle filters should be replaced every few months, depending on the model, or when you notice your water tastes weird… before it’s too late!

Regardless, using a filter can make your vodka taste better.


  1. Unused kitchen utensils

Any space in the kitchen is valuable, and clearing it can effectively improve the efficiency of working in the kitchen. No matter it is


  1. Mugs and drinking glasses of different sizes and shapes

I am a cup addict. I bring back a cup almost every time I go out for fun. There are so many different cups at home that I can’t even keep them. Until one day, I suddenly discovered that there were only a few cups I had been using. Some cups are beautiful but not practical at all, and cleaning them is very troublesome. You have to buy special cleaning tools to maintain them…so I said goodbye to them.

30 things you need to throw away from your house

  1. Items in the cabinet under the bathroom sink

I often forget to put things in the cabinet under the bathroom sink. In fact, as long as the cabinet under the bathroom sink is kept fresh and clean, it is best to even have a clear space. This area of ​​many homes is damp and dirty, so be sure to clean it thoroughly to prevent it from becoming a “clutter black hole.”


  1. Towels that are moldy or in bad condition

After taking a shower, you must only grab a few new ones, right? Why keep something dirty and useless? By the way, so are the towels

Towels that are moldy or in bad condition 50 things to throw away for instant decluttering

  1. Empty detergent bottle

I wonder if you have this habit: you always keep the bottle thinking you will buy refills. As a result, I forget to buy refills every time, so there are many useless empty detergent bottles at home. Just remember to throw this away.




  1. Old grocery bags

…and throw away the rest of your collection of plastic shopping bags, good-looking and bad-looking, because you know you’ll have little chance of using them again.

Maybe you should switch to a handbag from now on, which can be considered as a contribution to environmental protection.

100 things to throw away

  1. Packing box

Express box? Gift box? I personally really like to keep good-looking boxes, and boxes even take up more space than bags. Many boxes cannot be folded, so they can only occupy a certain position. Over time, these things can literally wipe out a corner of a room.


  1. Empty wine bottle

I had the habit of collecting bottles when I was in college, and I had a bunch of whiskey bottles. At first I had the idea of ​​making them into beautiful vases, but later they just became dusty garbage. So, based on my personal experience, if you have an empty wine bottle on hand, remember to throw it away in time.

50 things to throw away for instant decluttering


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