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Dumpster For Declutter:How To Do Declutter Correctly

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We have mentioned the issue of organizing boxes many times before, and the last article even directly talked about this step: prepare three boxes: throw away, donate and keep.

So in this article, we will explain in detail how to use dumpster for declutter.

renting a dumpster to declutter



When you organized in the past, you may have been accustomed to organizing by room or by furniture. For example, I have some time today to tidy up the cabinets, and tomorrow I have more time to tidy up the study room.

But this approach is not very recommended.

If you’ve never organized, you probably have the same items scattered among the furniture in various rooms. I finally sorted out the medicine cabinet today, and a few days later I found a bunch of medicines in another cabinet, and I had to sort them out again.


renting a dumpster to declutter


This results in a waste of your energy.

Therefore, you need to give up the previous idea of ​​installing rooms and furniture to organize. Organize things according to their categories. After sorting out one category, move on to the next.

But how?

You can first pick out the categories that are easiest to identify. We recommend that you divide them into five categories: clothing, books, documents, eating and drinking items, and cleaning items.

Of course, you can also classify according to your own needs. For example, if some people have a lot of toys at home but no files, they can use toys instead of file categories.

dumpster for declutter


Undescriptable Items

These five categories of things are relatively easy for people to judge how they are classified. After delineating these five categories of things, you will find that besides these five categories of things, there are still some things that you don’t know how to classify.

You can collectively call them “indescribable items”, such as stationery, medicines, electronic products, your personal hobbies, pet supplies, travel supplies, etc.

These things are usually scattered and difficult to classify.

It doesn’t matter, at this time, you just put them together.

As for those items with commemorative significance, such as gifts given to you by family and friends, or items related to important nodes in your life, you can store these separately and save them for unified organization at the end.

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One-Time Concentration

What does that mean?

This step is for you to take out all the items under each category and put them together. Taking clothing as an example, you need to take out all the clothes from all seasons, put them in a clean place (like a floor covered with clean blankets), and pile them together for processing.

What’s the purpose of this?

Because the more concentrated the organization is, the better the organization effect will be.

During this centralized sorting process, your brain can repeatedly practice the principles of choosing and choosing such things. The intensity of such training will quickly improve your judgment on this type of items.

dumpster for declutter


Select And Sort

The third step is to make choices one by one.

During the selection process, remember several selection criteria:

Not used in a year, not needed, inappropriate, uncomfortable, unexciting.

Still taking clothes as an example, according to the above standards, you can divide clothes into: “Things to keep” and “Things to throw away”

Almost naturally, the clothes fell into two piles.

For those clothes that are particularly entangled and cannot be decided, you can temporarily put them aside during the sorting process. After the selection process is completed, carefully consider this pile of hesitations and entanglements.

declutter dumpster


Final Processing

There are three different ways to deal with unwanted items. The first is to throw them away. This is why we need a dumpster for declutter. It is really convenient for us to throw things away. A big declutter operation may throw away an unimaginable amount of things, so a dumpster for declutter is still necessary.

The second way is to donate. Be sure to choose what others need and don’t use it as a way to resolve guilt. It is recommended not to give these things to others just because you don’t need them, because this thing may be troublesome to others.

The third way is to sell. The second-hand market is now very mature, and you can easily sell an item online, but you must pay attention to network security. Or, you can choose to join some minimalist groups or declutter groups and participate in activities where everyone exchanges unnecessary things, killing two birds with one stone.

dumpster for de-clutter


How about renting a dumpster to declutter?

This method of renting a dumpster to declutter is actually very common, and many people choose this method. Some spring cleaning or big home decluttering may reveal that you have a lot of useless clutter in your home. If you have never done home decluttering before and want to do a whole home cleaning on a whim, then I highly recommend renting a dumpster for declutter. Especially if you also need to do some hard demolition, such as removing old wallpaper, old floors, old wooden cabinets, etc., the amount of garbage will increase exponentially. And this kind of large garbage is difficult to deal with, you really need a large dumpster.


renting a dumpster to declutter


Dumpsters come in different sizes and models, and you may need to do some homework. When you decide on a dumpster rental company, ask them the following questions:

  • My requirement is xxx, how big a trash can do I need?
  • What items can I put in the dumpster and what items are not allowed in the dumpster?
  • What preparations does the dumpster rental company do to prepare for delivery?
  • How far in advance do I need to schedule delivery and pickup?


dumpster for de-clutter


Dumpster size options

Dumpster size selection can be a difficult problem, but sometimes you may not know how big a dumpster you need. After all, it is really difficult to predict.

Generally speaking, the 10 Yard Dumpster is more suitable for household cleaning such as garage cleaning and basement cleaning. The larger 15-20 Yard Dumpster is suitable for cleaning projects that include cleaning large furniture. Carpet cleaning can also consider this size. The larger 30-40 Yard Dumpster is suitable for large projects such as cleaning offices and removing windows.

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