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Declutter DVDs: Methods And Techniques

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Looking at the increasing number of DVDs piled up in the corner, even if a storage box is filled, there will be a few more DVDs, and finally they will pile up into a messy hill – are you bothered by this?

I believe everyone likes to go straight to the topic, so let’s talk directly about the part that everyone is interested in: how to declutter dvds?


Classify and sort

First of all, consistent with other declutter techniques, we can first take out all your DVDs and organize them into groups according to specific categories. It is recommended that the preliminary classification categories be thematic categories of DVDs, such as movies and games. wait. The benefit of doing this is clear at a glance, you can directly see all the DVDs you own, and you can also see which categories have more DVDs. At this step, our additional suggestion is that you further sort according to your personal preferences, that is, secondary classification, or you can also sort by alphabetical order, year of release, etc.

However, the advantage of classifying according to personal preferences is that you can make choices more easily, know what you like more, and be able to give up those you don’t like so much.

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Tags and labels

This method is more like a storage technique, rather than declutter dvds method.

This little trick can be applied to many storage scenarios in life, especially the organization of some files. Originally, you could not directly see the main content of the files. You had to pull them out one by one from the folder to view them. But in fact, if there is a label, it will be much easier to view and take.

Taking the time to organize things in advance and arrange them in a logical and orderly manner is not a waste of time, but it can avoid subsequent troubles. Let’s just talk about documents. I believe everyone knows what it is like to look for a document but never find it? If you label the files one by one in advance, the search scope will be greatly reduced, and you will also save time to do more useful things.

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Store and protect

Storing DVDs is a big problem. Where to put them? How to put it? All are particular.

We have listed three common methods of storing DVDs, and listed the pros and cons of each method for your reference and choice.


Storage rack

The biggest advantage of the storage rack is its display and aesthetics. Like a magazine rack or bookshelf, a DVDs storage rack can become a scenery in the house and a great place for homeowners to display their collections.

In addition, put yourself in the shoes of a CD that is under the bed and needs to be rummaged through the cabinet to find it, or a CD that you see every day and can be easily accessed – which one are you more likely to open again?

If an item sits idle for too long, no matter how much you like it, it won’t change the fact that it has become a clutter.

Display can fully reflect the value of the item and make you remember its existence.

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Storage bags

The biggest advantage of storage bags is their protection. Like the storage rack above, if you accidentally raise your hand when passing by, you may take the things on it down and smash them to pieces. However, storage bags generally have built-in sponge pad protective layers and fishing net fixed straps, which can effectively prevent damage caused by vibration. We all know that DVD discs are very fragile items and may break in half with just a break of your fingers. It seems that if you truly value this item, protecting its integrity should be your top priority.

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In addition, the second advantage of storage bags is convenience, which is very suitable for you to take your DVDs out, especially those storage bags that are mainly portable (of course, the synonym of lightweight is that the storage space will become smaller, and there will be less room for storage). Yes, this is normal).


Storage Box:

This kind of box is the most popular product. It has no merits and no faults. It has no big advantages and no obvious disadvantages. It is just average. If you have no additional needs but cannot tolerate the shortcomings of the above two, then you can choose a storage box as a new home for your DVDs. Generally speaking, there are fewer storage boxes than storage cabinets because they do not pay attention to complete display. They only expose one side of the shell and reveal a name, which is just suitable for writing classification labels.

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Like the “container concept” we mentioned in our previous article Decluttering At The Speed Of Life: Decluttering Methods Learning, no matter what kind of container is used to store DVDs, the ultimate goal is to declutter DVDs. If you fill the entire container with the DVDs you need and like, you must declutter the DVDs which are left.


How about cloud storage?

Of course, now more and more people do not store DVDs in physical form, but more in cloud storage, that is, online storage. After all, if a DVD is thrown in the corner of the room, it may not be found again in a few days. And if it is stored in a computer, you may be able to take a look at it a few years later.

Saving and processing method: If the computer’s video processing capabilities are good enough, directly convert and retain multiple audio tracks through formatfactory transcoding or DVD transcription software. This should be the best digital processing method, and it is also very convenient if you want to share it. Nowadays, any transcoding software can convert a disc into an MP4 format file. Although it will take a certain amount of time, cloud storage is indeed a convenient and fast organization method that adapts to the times.

If you are interested in cloud storage and digital decluttering, you can also read our previous articles: Digital Minimalism: The Power in a Connected World and How To Declutter Pictures: A Complete Guide.

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Clean regularly

How to clean dvds? This is also a problem. After you decide which DVDs you need, you can take this time to perform unified maintenance and cleaning on them before storing them together. If you leave them unused and sit in a corner gathering dust, they may not be useful when you finally use them.

To avoid this, here are some ways to care for and clean DVDs:

You can directly purchase some DVDs cleaning kits, which saves you the trouble of collecting cleaning tools. But the tools are not hard to find.

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The first is ethanol. Everyone knows that it is suitable for disinfection. In fact, after being diluted with water, it is also very suitable for cleaning DVDs. When I say cleaning, of course I don’t soak the disc directly in ethanol water, but use a soft fine fiber cloth to dip into the diluted ethanol liquid. When wiping, be careful not to wipe it straight up and down, but in circles along the texture of the disc. Wipe the ground from the inner ring to the outer ring. This can better protect DVDs. In addition to ethanol water, you can also use glass cleaner, and even toothpaste is a good choice.

Besides, everyone should also be cautious and cautious in daily storage and use, and avoid direct sunlight on DVD discs – don’t underestimate the power of the sun.

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