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75 Things to Throw Away Today (Part.1)

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We have prepared a very comprehensive decluttering list for you and compiled 75 things to throw away today! Come and see it!



  1. Wire clothes hanger

Cheap wire hangers will make your clothes look cheap too. If this hanger gets rusty, it will ruin your clothes! It is recommended that you purchase wooden, felt or sturdy plastic hangers as replacements. We also recommend that you purchase complete sets of uniform hangers, which will make you feel better when you look at your wardrobe.


  1. Worn out shoes

The shoes that should be thrown away most are those that are obviously broken but you are reluctant to throw them away! You’ll never wear it again anyway. If you just have old shoes or shoes that no longer fit your style, you can contact a charity to donate them.

If you are interested in more information about decluttering shoes, check out our previous article: How to Declutter Shoes: Simple Guide – Less Is More

75 things to throw away today

  1. Clothes you never wear

Donate it. If there’s a seasonal piece of clothing sitting in your closet that hasn’t been worn in a few months, donate it. Or attend some gatherings of minimalists, who often hold activities to exchange unwanted things, or flea markets. Reusing old things is also a very important way to protect the environment. We all want items to have their value in the right place, right?


  1. A single sock

I know, everyone has this situation. They carefully supervise the cleaning process from beginning to end in a timely manner, but the sock just disappears inexplicably! I also know that many people think they will suddenly appear again one day. However, don’t wait! Better throw away them sooner.


  1. Faded or yellowed clothes

There is yellowing on the shirt and mold on the clothes. Since you don’t want to deal with it and are too lazy to bleach it, what’s the point of putting it in the closet? (Typical example of swallowing space!) Bleach it immediately or throw it away!


  1. Rusty, green, faded jewelry

If your ear pins or posts are rusty or have a layer of green stuff on them, deal with them immediately or throw them away! I’m just lucky that I haven’t had any inflammation or infection yet. I’ll admit it honestly, I only wear a few pairs that are new and in good condition.

Rusty, green, faded jewelry

  1. Accessories that have not been worn in more than a year

Although it’s not dirty or broken, but you’re not wearing it, does that mean you don’t like it? Bravely admitting that you no longer love is also an act of letting go of your attachments.




  1. Expired and unused cosmetics

How many months or how many years has it been since you put on that lipstick on the dressing table? Also, is a certain jar of foundation about to expire (but maybe you don’t even know it)? Remember not to buy it next time, it’s too easy to use up, and you don’t even want to pay attention to when it expires.

decluttering makeups

  1. Unused and incompetent beauty brushes

You can think about it, when will I be able to apply delicate makeup with this brush? Those brushes that have been living in the cold palace for a long time may be more useless than the watercolor pens that you have never used after graduation.


  1. Cosmetic/skin care product trial package

I obviously want to take it with me when I go abroad, but when I go abroad, I am afraid that my skin will not adapt to those unused skin care products. I never think of using them at home! Use it today, or apply it as body lotion, or just throw it away!

declutter makeup

If you are interested in declutter makeup, you can read: Declutter Makeup: What Makeup You Need In 2023.


  1. Nail polish that I no longer like/dries out

There are several cans of colors that were popular three or five years ago, or if you are too lazy to apply them, you might as well not keep them, but you won’t use them anyway. It is better to save these spaces, and the converted value is more cost-effective than going to a nail salon several times!


  1. Perfume you don’t actually like

If you don’t like the taste anymore, stop forcing yourself to use it up! It depends on whether you want to use it as a room fragrance or give it to someone who likes the smell.




  1. Textbooks from the past

I originally kept all the past textbooks at home, but I actually didn’t have time to look back at them. Later, I thought of a good way, which is to scan all my textbooks into online files, but this is quite troublesome. If everyone can make up their mind to directly donate or throw away old textbooks, it is of course the best solution. After all…you’re really not going to open them again!


  1. Exam papers, handouts, school notices

Unless you are still a candidate, these are just another type of waste paper.


  1. Paper dictionary

Unless you are a student who lives on campus and does not have access to the Internet, an electronic dictionary is definitely enough to meet your needs.

declutter books

  1. Old magazines and catalogs

Unless it is specifically used for decoration, there is no need to continue to pay attention to past information (especially there is a lot of relevant information on the Internet).


  1. Comics you haven’t read in three or five years

Unless there are emotions that are particularly worthy of collection, or you cannot find a genuine online version, you can consider getting rid of it.

things you throw away

  1. Recipes you will never look at again

There are only a few recipes in the future, either you learn them or you never learn them again. Regardless of whether you know it or not, the recipe won’t turn out delicious food out of thin air, so just get rid of it!


  1. Unsightly, old, unwanted, used, exhausted notebooks

If you don’t want to use it or have used it up, you actually “no longer use it”. These notebooks are like waste paper.


  1. Card you don’t know who wrote

No one even knows, or the memory is super fuzzy? It must be that you are not moved at all, so just throw it away!


  1. Old business cards

No one needs a business card about the company you worked for five years ago or your previous role at the company.


  1. Useless receipts and bills

…Just throw it away!

useless-receipt things to throw away

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