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Declutter Challenge 2023: What to Declutter (Part.1)

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Well, 2024 is coming, do you make a plan to do the final cleaning? Since we’ve written an article about the 30 Day Declutter Challenge, do you feel like do one more decluttering challenge to close this year?

Welcome to read our specific tutorial about declutter challenge 2023! We will tell you exactly what to declutter!


What To Declutter

As you prepare to tidy up your home, keep these two principles in mind:

  1. The role of objects in my heart is always to serve me.
  2. The value of items is reflected in their usefulness. Moreover, a valuable item must be in the right place at the right time.



Shoes that haven’t been worn in a year

Shoes that are too old/do not fit

Broken shoes/slippers

Visitor slippers not commonly used (replace with disposable slippers)

Shoe boxes that need to be reserved for shoes that are not specially maintained

Non-woven bag for buying shoes

Expired/dried shoe polish/shoe wax

Shoe shine cloth that is not easy to clean (use disposable pull-out shoe shine cloth instead)

Broken umbrella

Rusty scissors/knife

Poor quality disposable raincoat

2023 declutter challenge

Used shoe covers

Floor mats that have been worn excessively and have lost sufficient friction

Useless/unknown key

Extra keychain

Sneakers bought for running but never used

Beautiful high heels that are harsh and uncomfortable

Unused insoles/booster pads

Idle shoelaces

Wearing mood-deficient shoes

Duplicate shoe giveaways

2023 declutter challenge



Unsleepable/saggy bed and pillows

Things in the bedside table that haven’t been used in the past three months

Old sheets that I don’t want to lay down

Quilt cover with a broken zipper that I don’t want to repair

Extra pillows

Clothes hangers with unexpected styles (keep the hanger styles consistent)

Buy clothes/cheap hangers from dry cleaners

Torn/only one/loose socks/stockings

T-shirts/shirts with deformed/yellowing necklines

Yellowed white clothes (you can try bleaching to rescue them)

Worn belt/belt

Baggy and deformed underwear

Bedroom declutter

Cheap quality clothes

Clothes that haven’t been worn in a year

Scarves and hats that haven’t been worn in a year/are out of shape

T-shirts with outdated logos

Wearing clothes that make you feel worse about yourself

Worn wallet

Clothes that are not suitable for the current age and temperament

Clothes that I can’t fit into for a year but dream about losing weight.

Ethnic style clothes bought for travel that I haven’t worn in a year

Unused/unused large storage boxes/honeycomb storage grids/storage boxes/storage bags

A bag no longer carried

Retired old pillow

Yellowed and faded pillowcases

Bedroom declutter

Carpets/mats that have not been thoroughly cleaned in more than two years

A retired quilt that has been with you for many years

Expired condoms

Auntie’s scarf that I’ve had for more than two years

Glasses/sunglasses that have not been worn for two years

Cheap jewelry you won’t wear for a year

Sweater with excessive pilling that cannot be dealt with

Cheap and outdated coat

Clothes given by others that don’t fit/don’t like

Uncomfortable loungewear/pajamas

Blanket with reduced thermal insulation

Crystal curtains that collect dust easily

Bedroom declutter challenge

Event commemorative shirts/cultural shirts/old school uniforms/childhood clothes

Blunt nail clippers/scissors/nose hair clippers/eyebrow trimmers

Perfume that I don’t like/not suitable for

Lipsticks/lipsticks/lip glosses/cosmetics that I feel like “I’ll use them someday”/that are about to expire/are rarely used/that don’t suit me/cheap lipstick/lipstick/lip Gloss/makeup

Mask that has been idle for over a year/invalid

Unused/quickly used/dry/unusable eyebrow pencil/eyeliner/mascara/eye shadow

Dried/expired nail polish/nail polish remover

Cosmetics outer packaging box

Expired/other cosmetics that you don’t want to use

Bedroom declutter challenge

Lotion that only has the bottom of the bottle and is no longer used

Cosmetic mirror no longer in use due to minor damage

A stained cotton pad that has been used for several months

Wearing earrings that cause allergies

Toner that was not properly stored

Old hairpins/inelastic hair ties

Unused or broken curling irons/straighteners

Extra comb


Regarding makeup decluttering, you can read our previous article: Declutter Makeup: What Makeup You Need In 2023



Small appliances that are rarely used (juicer/bread machine/soy milk machine/yoghurt machine/waterproof steamer) -> low-frequency use can be integrated into a multi-function machine. Or it can be easily implemented through other methods. For example, a special equipment for a water-proof steamer can be implemented by adding a bracket to the pot. For example, a yogurt machine can be implemented through a rice cooker, unless the frequency of use is very high and will be used at the same time.

A relatively unusable pot among multiple pots with the same function

Chipped/cracked bowls/plates/cups and other tableware

Worn rag/dish towel

Aged/torn silicone gloves

Candles/plates/knives and forks for birthdays

Disposable cutlery and straws

The remaining disposable plastic boxes from packaging


Expired food

Worm-ridden and moldy food

Seasonings that have been there for years/never used

Candy that hasn’t be eaten in half a year

Snacks you don’t like/have been idle for a long time

Kitchen declutter

Moldy-smelling nuts/sour-smelling flour/clumped rice and grains

Long-term frozen ingredients whose storage time has been forgotten

Melon seeds/nuts that are no longer crispy

Dried and aged/damaged fruits and vegetables

Souvenirs given by others but not wanted to be eaten

Condiments that have not been used for more than two years

Expired hot pot base/sauce condiments/jam/chocolate sauce/honey

Seasoning packets left in instant noodles

Gift cup for shopping

Packaging boxes and cans whose contents have been consumed/empty bottles that have been used up

Obsolete/somewhat malfunctioning rice cookers/pressure cookers and other cooking appliances

Rusty/obsolete pot

Barely used tablecloths/mats

Kitchen declutter

Moldy/aged/bent/unpairable wooden chopsticks

Baking ingredients that have been left untouched for a long time

Moldy cutting boards (replace with new plastic cutting boards)

Takeaway menus from various stores (take photos and keep them)

Pots of different shapes and colors

Ingredients that have been sitting in the refrigerator for a long time without being touched

Expired coupon

Excessive accumulation of plastic bags/shopping bags/garbage bags

Kitchen declutter challenge

Too many cups/insulated cups

Recipe books I almost never read

Health care products grown blindly

Empty cigarette boxes/wine bottles/beverage bottles

Dishwashing liquid that is used once and never used again

Bulky kettle

Expired milk/yoghurt

Empty gum box

A lunch box that seems useful but hasn’t been used in a long time

Various raw materials that I originally bought to make cakes but have been idle for a long time (for those who really like making cakes)

Kitchen declutter challenge


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