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Declutter Challenge 2023: What to Declutter (Part.2)

Declutter Challenge 2023: What to Declutter (Part.2) post thumbnail image

Living Room

CDs/VCDs/DVDs that are no longer used (can be stored in mobile hard drives)

Duplicate/broken action figures

Insufficient travel souvenirs

Promotional materials/leaflets

Expired/no longer used medicines

Drugs that cannot be identified without packaging labels

living room decluttering

Snacks that seem to be expired

Faded/torn table mats/tablecloths

Incomplete Poker

A broken, unusable pen

Empty tea/coffee cans

Paper towels/wet wipes brought back from outside for a long time

Replace the light bulb even if it’s not broken

Disposable tea bags/sugar bags brought back from the hotel

Tickets that are no longer of any use

living room 2023 declutter challenge

Barely sticky/too many sticky notes

No longer needed/expired membership card

old battery

Pins and other dangerous sharp objects hidden in the drawer

Power bank with severely reduced power

Obsolete plug/charger

No longer used glasses cloth/glass case

Sofa cushions/pillow covers that have not been changed for many years

Obsolete VCD player/radio

Broken/unfunctioning remote control

Expired/collected newspapers/idol magazines

Don’t like to drink/expired tea/coffee

Discarded old tea sets

Decorations given by others that are not to your liking (remember to take photos as souvenirs)


Regarding declutter DVDs, you can read our previous article: Declutter DVDs: Methods And Techniques


Children’s Room

Children’s clothes/socks/shoes that no longer fit in

Handicrafts made by children (take photos as souvenirs)

Toys/dolls that have not been touched by the child for half a year/have lost their joy (organize them with the child)

Toy packaging box

Posters/brochures for training institutions

Children's Room 2023 declutter challenge

Watercolor pens/crayons/oil pastels/chalks that are nearing the end of their lifespan

Children’s used pillows/quilts/sheets/sheets/pillowcases

Performance clothes that I will almost never wear again

Loose hair ties/rubber bands

Festival/wedding decorations/balloons/hats/masks/

Stroller/bed no longer used

Small school bag/small gift from the training institution

An inflated ball

Obsolete scooters/bicycles

Children's Room decluttering


Regarding decluttering toys, you can read our previous article: How To Declutter Toys: A Useful Guide



Withered flowers/potted plants

Fertilizer that has expired

A long abandoned fish tank

Sun-cracked plastic basin/bucket

Empty flower pots/vases that have been idle for a long time

Save paint/wires/bricks/floor tiles/wall tiles/large hardware for future decoration

Old rusty clothes hanger

Idle express box

Rusty and broken/excess/hardware tools (wrenches/screwdrivers)

balcony decluttering

Unusable or damaged suitcase/duffel bag

Large appliance packaging cartons/buffer foam/packaging tapes that you don’t want to throw away

Unused pet clothing/toys

Expired pet medicine/food

Extra cat litter box

Old/worn mops/brooms/dustpans

No more watering cans after planting flowers



Worn toilet seat cover

Moldy shower curtain

Basin with duplicate functions

Obsolete toothbrush/brush

Worn and dirty rags (disposable rags)

Only a little bit of shampoo/shower gel/conditioner/soap left

Retired old towels

Detergent supplies that haven’t been used in more than a year

Sunscreen that expires quickly

Bathroom declutter challenge

Toiletries set brought back from the hotel

Expired/unsuitable skin care products

A body lotion that I haven’t used up in over a year

Hair rope that has lost its elasticity

Too many headbands

Shampoo/shower gel that I haven’t finished and don’t want to use anymore

Skin care product trial packs/samples that have been stored for a long time

Toothbrush/electric toothbrush head that hasn’t been replaced in 3 months

Cleaning tools that are ineffective/idle

Spare but basically useless hair wax/hair mask

Toilet paper packaging bag

Bathroom declutter challenge

Roll paper barrel core

The hair is falling out and the bath towel is poked

Hard and faded towels

Just a little bit of body lotion/toothpaste that can be squeezed out completely

Hard-to-salvage razor

Dirty and old absorbent floor mats

There’s still a little bit of toilet cleaning liquid left

Poor shower head


Study Room

Pen/refill that is basically out of water/leaking/cannot write

Empty/extra pen holders

Stiff/excess eraser

Notebook/diary with only a few pages used (tear out those pages)

dried glue

Old calendar

Completed exam information

Old digital products that have been obsolete/have not been used for a year

Excessive/no longer needed/bad/old data cables of unknown purpose

Small capacity SD card below 1G

Postcards/greeting cards that have no meaning and haven’t been used in several years

A bad mouse

Study Room declutter

Piggy bank (well, cash has gradually faded away)

Broken/extra watches/alarm clocks

Piles of business cards (use APP to scan and store/store in address book/take photos as souvenirs)

Tourist map/brochure

Unused decorative candles

Statement sent by bank

Souvenirs from your previous job (you only keep things related to your current job)

A computer that I don’t want to repair if it’s broken/a computer that has been gathering dust for many years

Unusable mouse/keyboard

Old mobile phone

Used mobile phone case

Unused cell phone holder

I don’t know if the old battery is still charged (check it quickly)

Study Room declutter challenge 2023

Old textbooks that I haven’t read again (taken photos as souvenirs)

Old books that have not been read and are unlikely to be read again

Meaningless old photos (scanned and archived)

Childhood handiwork

Cross stitch that can never be finished

Gift wrapping paper and ribbons

Extra plastic clips/iron clips/bamboo clips

Temporary calling card when traveling abroad

Credit/debit cards that have not been used for a long time (cancellation)

Travel ticket stubs/receipts/bus tickets/air tickets/boat tickets/tickets/movie tickets

Too many bookmarks.

Useless photocopied information/excessive photocopies of documents (gradually phased out because the social trend is towards paperless document processing)

declutter study room

Nameplates/bags/folders left over from the meeting

Only one earphone left usable/no longer in use

Broken desk lamp

The painted “Secret Garden”

A shabby and ugly computer bag

Scrap paper for drafting


Storage Room

Obsolete TVs/computers/washing machines/refrigerators/air conditioners and other electrical appliances

Almost obsolete landline phones

Various wastes bought on shopping apps

Various marketing purposes/useless gifts from friends during holidays


Mobile phone/computer

Apps/software that have not been used for 2 months -> download them when needed, anyway, the data is getting cheaper.

Unpleasant chat history on WeChat/QQ

Unsubscribe from all advertising emails

Disable notifications from apps you never read

Mobile phone computer declutter

People in the WeChat address book who have never been contacted/will not be contacted in the future

Block micro-business people in your circle of friends and people who often advertise

Official accounts that I have never read/will never read in the future

A WeChat group that you want to join without any subjective intention (unless required by work)

An APP that makes you addicted and takes a lot of time but is useless

Fancy mobile phone wallpapers——>Simple wallpapers can make your brain and vision simple and clear, making it easier to find mobile apps

Handwritten fonts that are difficult to read (don’t embarrass yourself because of your imagination)

Foreign language learning APP that has never been opened

declutter Mobile phone computer


If you are interested in decluttering electronic products, please see: Digital Minimalism: The Power in a Connected World


Decluttering Tips

I know that everyone will feel reluctant when throwing things away. I have come up with the following solutions for your reference:

Because of nostalgia – taking pictures.

Because of fear of waste – resale and cash out.

Because I think it will be useful – give him a maximum of 3 months observation period.

Because of low frequency use – try to rent when needed, or buy second hand and resell.

Because there are too many – try to calculate the most comfortable rolling inventory value and balance purchasing energy, money, and storage costs.

Regarding taking photos as souvenirs, you can also combine your decluttering work with our previous article on How to Declutter Pictures.

declutter challenge 2023


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