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75 Things to Throw Away Today (Part.4)

75 Things to Throw Away Today (Part.4) post thumbnail image

We have prepared a very comprehensive decluttering list for you and compiled 75 things to throw away today! Come and see it!

Special Instruments


  1. Useless fitness equipment

Have you ever bought those pieces of exercise equipment on a whim? As a result, it was thrown aside after only a few uses. Whether it is for weight loss or fitness purposes, perhaps by the time you have such a goal again, this fitness equipment will be outdated.


  1. Beauty equipment

well, same as above. In fact, beauty instruments have been updated and iterated. If you don’t use beauty instruments often, I still recommend that you go directly to a beauty salon.

30 things you need to throw away from your house

  1. Accessories for home appliances

As we all know, when we buy some large furniture, we often give a lot of accessories to highlight their multi-functional effects, such as hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, multi-function electric cookers, vacuum cleaners, etc. But when we use it for a long time, we find that depending on your living habits, there are some accessories that you will never use.

During this time, you can collect those accessories and throw them away together.




  1. The pillow you have slept on for a long time

When many people move to a new home, they store quilts and pillow cores together and move them to the new home for use together. Finding a comfortable pillow is really hard. However, after sleeping for a long time, the pillow core is undoubtedly full of insects and bacteria.

I have a habit of cleaning my pillowcases from time to time, basically once a week. But one day I suddenly realized that I never clean pillow cores! It makes my scalp tingle just thinking about the bacteria it breeds! So I made some inquiries and found out that pillow cores also need to be replaced once a year, or even every six months, remember!

100 things to throw away

  1. Bedsheets

Let alone sheets that are yellowed or even damaged. Even clean sheets that are not damaged should be thrown away if you no longer like them. Sheets and duvet covers can play a vital role in your sleep, and if you don’t like your sheets, the quality of your sleep will also be affected.

It may be troublesome to throw away such relatively large items, but don’t forget it in such large-scale decluttering occasions.

30 things you need to throw away from your house

  1. Curtains

How often does it take to clean your curtain fabrics? Or has your curtain fabric been cleaned? Many people have good cleaning habits, but whether you rent or buy a house, curtains are a blind spot for cleanliness.

Many people who rent a house when moving in and out probably fail to clean their curtains. The curtain is actually a dusty area. When the curtains are pulled down every day, the dust is kicked up and scattered around the room. The curtain fabric is very large and cannot be hung or washed. So, if you move to a new home, it’s best not to take them with you.


  1. Blankets that are no longer warm

Blankets also have a useful life. Some blankets wear out after being covered with a thermal layer, thus losing their warmth-keeping effect.

things you throw away



  1. Skin care samples

Nowadays, various shower gels, cosmetics, and skin care products seem to come with a lot of samples. My approach is to save them and use them when traveling…Alright, in fact, I only use them once. And I put them in places where I can’t usually see them. If I don’t organize things, I won’t remember their existence at all.


  1. Last year’s sunscreen

Sunscreen is a necessity for me and I believe almost everyone has it now. But what some people don’t know is that although sunscreen has a long shelf life, it is basically only effective for one year. And there are still only a few people who wear sunscreen every day. Most people only take out sunscreen when they go to the beach or when it’s hot in the summer. However, the effectiveness of sunscreen that has not been used for a long time has long been greatly reduced. So, my advice is, every summer, throw away the little bit of sunscreen you have left.

things you throw away

  1. The toiletry set brought back from the hotel

Yeah…actually you don’t really have a chance to use them do you?


  1. Damaged vanity mirror at one corner

You have bought a new one, but you are reluctant to part with the old makeup mirror that is only slightly damaged, but why bother!


  1. Hair rope that has no elasticity

Girls with long hair must have this thing. I used to have medium-long hair, and I could only use the headband when washing my face, so I always thought I could use it, so I never threw away the inelastic hairband. But one day I bought a gripper and I no longer had this problem. In fact, for people who don’t tie their hair very often, grippers are more practical.

things to throw away

  1. Bath ball

This is actually a consumable item. It is recommended that plastic bath balls should be replaced every 2 months. If you often leave your bath ball hanging in a damp bathroom after bathing, you may need to replace it more often. You can usually place it in a ventilated and dry place to dry. The same goes for hand towels and rags.


Others you might have missed


  1. Broken suitcase

Don’t think it could be used for anything else, I’m pretty sure you’re not short of organizers and already have a new suitcase!

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  1. Straws and disposable cutlery

Again, families who often order takeout must have saved some of these disposable items, and of course disposable gloves. But since you are at home anyway, you don’t need these disposable supplies at all, right?


  1. Unused old flower pots

Generally speaking, people who love gardening will not leave a flower pot empty. If you lose interest before planting flowers, how can you continue to care for them after planting them? It’s better to save your time and experience for things you really like.

things to throw away

  1. Dusty fish tank

The same goes for pet cages, etc. This kind of thing that always seems to be useful in the future will often not be useful! Moreover, it is difficult for things like fish tanks and cages to blend into the background and become a decoration, occupying space in vain.


  1. Anything you don’t like

the last one! I will give you a general rule! If you are wondering whether to throw something away, then in fact you have already felt uncomfortable with its existence. At this time, there is no need to hesitate, just throw it away! Cutting up useless items will only make you feel better!



Finally! Our series is finally over! As long as you follow our checklist, we’ll make sure you can successfully complete your New Year’s cleaning for 2024!

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